Are you a helping professional working with children and families? Have you questioned the efficacy of clinical office visits versus home-based services for children and families?

The outcomes of this research may help guide you in developing an understanding of the unique needs of families as they face the challenges inherent in caring for children with mental illness. The data reveals the need for services, not only for the child with mental illness, but for each individual in the family unit as well as the family as a whole.

The Perceived Experiences Of Parents Who Have Received Intensive In-Home Services For Their Children may motivate you to think more deeply about understanding the dynamics of the family, collaborating with school administrators, and involving community resources. Dr. Washington reviewed scholarly journal articles, interviewed parents providing their detailed narratives, and compiled data analysis that supported previous literature. This compilation gives a "voice" to parents that often go unheard.

Veronica O. Washington, Ph.D. is the Director of VOW Village, LLC in Lynchburg, Virginia. Over the past thirty years, Dr. Washington has provided children and families with counseling and supportive services, parenting education and training, court advocacy, and community empowerment tools. Currently, Dr. Washington conducts seminars to enhance life, relationship, organizational, and resiliency skills for helping professionals, churches, women's organizations, and families dealing with social, behavioral, and mental health challenges in children. She conducts workshops, trainings, and retreats to delve into the strengths, challenges, and triumphs of children and families.

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The Perceived Experiences of Parents Who Have Received Intensive In-Home Services:
Parent's Perspectives about Intensive In-Home Services

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