We may not have it all together but together we have it all.


Throughout the year our volunteers search for new, warm winter children's clothing to prevent bullying, build self-esteem, and encourage good character. Learn more about current and planned programs.


VOW Village serves a global community to promote mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.

We are dedicated volunteers giving back to our community. Our goal is to assist children and families with living safe, productive, loving, meaningful lives. Find out what drives us to do what we do.

Mission + Vision

Over thirty years ago, I saw children with inadequate clothing shivering at the bus stop. They did not have a warm coat, gloves, scarf, or hat in freezing temperatures. Today, we offer additional clothing items such as bathrobes, pajamas, socks, slacks, flannel shirts, skirts,slippers, and more. To extend our services, we joined some of our local churches in providing and delivering holiday food baskets..


Thanks for the support that’s made it all possible!


Dr. Veronica O. Washington


our history

1984 – We partnered with the United Way to prepare food boxes for families in the community and union workers on strike. During the holiday season, we collected and delivered hundreds of toys but soon discovered the need for warm winter clothing.


 1994– Donations from volunteers increased which allowed us to feed more families and clothe more children. Local churches provided books, dental products, and hygiene supplies to take to Jamaica, West Indies on a medical/evangelistic mission.


2001 to Present - Working in partnership with the local churches, we provided holiday food boxes, fresh fruit and bread, in addition to warm children's clothing.We continue to expand our search for new, warm children's clothing, non-perishable foods, dental supplies, children's books, and hygiene products to assist where ever we are needed.

Social & Community Services